Lets get some shoes!

I absolutely love to dress up and go out either if it is with friends or family to a nice dinner. I am definitely someone who believes in treating yourself. When I bust my butt in my classes or I made my goal at the gym that particular week, I will treat myself to a nice dinner.

Every year I set goals that I want to reach each year, sometimes I even set goals five years from then. One of the goals I set for myself to achieve within five years, is to own a pair of Louis Vuitton heels.

Louis Vuitton is a fabulous designer. His ideas are just beautiful and his shoes are my absolute favorite.

Louis Vuitton was a French fashion designer and businessman. Vuitton was born on August 4, 1821, in Anchay which is located in Eastern France. Louis Vuitton passed away on February 27, 1892. Louis Vuitton lived to the age of seventy. He continued to work up until the day he passed away. After his death, his son Georges Vuitton took over control of the company.

The Life of Louis Vuitton:

At the young age of thirteen Louis Vuitton was on his way to Paris to pursue his dreams. Since he was walking on foot, he did not make it to Paris until he was sixteen. From his house in Anchay to Paris, it was 292 miles. I can never imagine walking that far. Louis Vuitton making that walk just shows how determined he was to achieve his lifelong dream of being a fashion designer. Louis Vuitton was taken on as an apprentice in the workshop of a successful box-maker and packer named Monsieur Marechal.

In 1854, at the age of 33, Vuitton married 17-year-old Clemence-Emilie Parriaux. After his marriage, Vuitton left Monsieur Marechal’s shop and opened his own box-making and packing workshop in Paris. The sign outside the shop read: “Securely packs the most fragile objects. Specializing in packing fashions.” Louis Vuitton was on his way to a huge fashion career.

The Louis Vuitton brand now offers many items such as purses, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, and even men and women’s ready- to-wear. It is a high-end brand, but the products are luxurious. As I said before one of my life long goals is to own a pair of Louis Vuitton. I am looking to owning a pair of black ones because you can never go with black! Louis Vuitton is also one of my favorite fashion designers. Everyone should go check him out!


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