All About College Wear

Being a college student at Radford University, I know all about college wear! At college, you have the students who dress up every day and then on the other end of the spectrum you have the individuals who rock the yoga pants and big comfy sweatshirts. I would classify myself to fall right in the middle of the two spectrums. Some days I will give myself enough time to get myself ready and I feel and look my best. Then on the days when I feel like sleeping in, I will roll out of bed about twenty-five minutes before class, wash my face and brush my teeth, and I am right out the door. Is there a right or wrong way to dress while in college? My answer to the commonly asked question is a big NO! Fashion gives you that leeway to be able to dress how you feel is right. Going against the fashion trends that are occurring, is a fashion trend in itself!

In high school, my friends and I were always getting sent to the office because of dress code violations. My high school was very strict when it came to dress code. Your dresses and skirts had to be fingertip length, your shoulders could not show, and if the office felt that your outfit was provocative you would either have to have someone bring you a change of clothes or you had to attend ISS. ISS stands for in school suspension.

With both my parents working while I was at school, I always had to choose the second option of ISS. I would have to miss my classes for the day all because of the shirt I was wearing or because of the dress code violation I had committed. I believe that my high school was by far way to strict when it came to the dress code, as well as I believe they did not treat all students equal.

Having such a strict high school, when I was able to attend college I was so excited to be able to wear what I want. I love that in college, you can literally wear your pajamas if you wanted to and no one would say a word to you! I believe in college it is all about being comfortable. In high school I was so concerned with how I looked, now in college, I’m more concerned with being comfortable and ensuring my grades are where they need to be.

I love that when you are at college, there is an abundance of students wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts that represent their school! I love when students show school spirit! I absolutely love Radford University!

Fashion represents who you are but there is no right or wrong especially when you are at college!


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