Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a 54-year-old and he founded his glamorous company in 1981 after dropping out of fashion school. After many years of business, his collections keep getting better and better. Michael Kors line consists of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, watches, jewelry, footwear, and fragrance.

Kors was born Karl Anderson, Jr. He was born in Long Island, New York. Michael Kors is the son of Joan Hamburg and her first husband Karl Anderson Sr. Michael Kors mother Joan Hamburg, remarried Bill Kors when he was only at the young age of five, and with this happening Michael Kors changed his last name so he was not different. If you can change your last name, hey why not change your first as well!

Michael Kors love for fashion started when he was just a young boy. Joan Hamburg, his mother believed he had such a passion for fashion due to that he was always around her and her modeling career. Even as a teen, Michael Kors was designing clothes and selling them out of his parents’ basement. This truly shows that every designer had to start somewhere, even if that means selling your designs out of your parent’s basement! In 2004, Michael Kors was a judge on the popular TV series known as Project Runway. Michael Kors was already an established designer when he made his appearance on the show. Although he was well into his fashion career he could not pass up the opportunity to be on this reality TV show. With being on the show this allowed for even more publicity for himself as well as for his company. This allowed for many new customers to really get his company where he wanted it to be!

Kors is in the process of trying to take his line global and all across the world. I love the Michael Kors is doing this because he is one of my favorite designers and with all his hard work he deserves it! With new stores opening in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, and even Toronto Michael Kors is a true icon in the fashion industry.

Michael Kors line ranges in prices. He has some items in his collections that are thousands of dollars as well as he some items that are only fifty bucks. I love that he does this because he allows his collections to be more relatable to all different groups of people. His collections are not limited to just super rich celebrities. He allows for middle-class individuals to be able to shop and utilize his line of work!

I love what Michael Kors has done over the years, his work is absolutely gorgeous and he truly is a fashion icon!



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